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Entrepreneurship in Egypt

An Open Space workshop, organized by AL-Maqarr and EL-Mashrou3, took place on the 11th of April 2014 as a part of ELRE7LA ENTREPRENEURS' CAMP in Zwada. The theme of the Open Space was “Entrepreneurship in Egypt”.
The workshop was facilitated by Eslam Erman and attended by 90 young entrepreneur from different governorates.
At the beginning, they had raised more than 25 issue related the theme. At the end of 3 hours, 15 documentations of the conversation sessions were on hand, new project ideas had been born, a Facebook group established and 90 new friendships gained.
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International Women's Day

Finally, the English and Arabic report about the Open Space '"My identity… My memories… My future”  is online!



The workshop, co-hosted by DR. Claudia Gross, facilitated by Salwa Sukhon from Jordan, sponsored by GIZ and UNRWA. 



Hope you will enjoy reading the report. Feel free to spread it amongst your friends and colleagues to let them know about Open Space Technology and its potentials for their initiatives and endeavors.






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